Professional footwear has a name: Soldini

In specific work environments, in order to achieve the highest level of efficiency and productivity, the operator must be able to rely on comfortable, resistant and adequate clothing and shoes for safety.

Soldini Professional footwear features unique characteristics and is specifically designed to ensure health, well-being and maximum foot protection in all environmental and climatic conditions.

Klimacomfort: patented ventilation
The exclusive Soldini Klimacomfort® ventilation patent guarantees an effective air exchange inside the footwear, especially in the areas subject to greatest stress: under the foot and on the toe-end.
Ventilation takes place by the mechanical action of the pressure exerted by the foot while walking which pumps the air outward through a valve located on the internal side of the heel.
The system was tested by the qualified CIMAC laboratory, while all Soldini footwear is UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified, a certificate that guarantees the standards of design, management, production and sales at the international level.

Waterproof and breathable Klimatex
Soldini shoes lined with Klimatex are manufactured with a waterproof and breathable membrane that does not allow water to go in the shoe and at the same time allows moisture of the foot to go out. Klimatex thus guarantees maximum comfort, as it keeps feet warm, dry and an optimal micro-climate inside the shoe.

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